Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cameron’s Britain – is it come to this?

You get what you pay for I suppose. In Syria we see people withstand tanks and snipers in the name of freedom with unbelievable dignity and bravery whilst in London a brutish mob loots jeans and televisions. And if I accosted one of them and said lets discuss what you're protesting against, Karl Marx had something to say about it, my recompose, I fear, would be a bop on the nose.


  1. You're right Pete, and how depressing it all was. It doesn't seem like they were consciously protesting about anything, just a mob seeing the chance to get some free stuff.

  2. How true!It's not that they lack the facility of education, because it's there in abundance if they so wish it. It's just their lack of will, to rise above what/who they run with, setting themselves apart from the truly uneducatable few who seem to hold the power sway. Get these young people alone and talk to them on an adult level, of their dreams, potential and aspirations, outside of running with a local Gangsta gang, then you have a chance, but if they don't make that first step, and the Government doesn't steps back from their version of how they think education will work in the future, well who knows. I find it difficult to square University fees for future students coming from poor backgrounds, or am I missing a trick here! BradfordEye