Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Climate change comes to Glenduff

22 Nov 2012. Top, our drive torn up by the flood. Bottom Cork County Council fixing it.
We woke 3 o’clock on Thursday morning to find water cascading into the yard with such force that it completely broke up our yard and driveway, exposing electric cables. Only a little came into the house thankfully.

Before and after the repairs.  Exposed electric cable in foreground of left hand picture.
Full praise to Cork County Council who sent a gang to fix everything up again, all done within less than 12 hours of the flood.  They had to attend to a lot of other local damage as well.

This sort of thing has never happened before, and the talk is, is this climate change in action? You can't point to a single event of course, floods in Glenduff or Hurricane Sandy, and say “that’s climate change”. But it's the second time in 6 weeks our drive and the nearby borheen (mountain road) have been torn up; and the best way to describe what's going on is that climate change loads the dice in favour of extreme events such as this.  More on the way I fear.