Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pictures in an exhibition

Alfred Bergström (1869-1930), Vintermotiv vid Stockholms ström, 1899
To Stockholm’s national museum and an exhibition of paintings illustrating the succession of the seasons. A very Swedish preoccupation according to my cousin Anders who took me there. Here's my number one favourite. Alfred Bergström captures shades of violet as snow, shovelled in brilliant sunshine from the quayside, is dumped from carts into Stockholm harbour in 1899.

And here's one by Prince Eugen. A peaceful Spring day in 1891, and on three slender birch trees the leaves are just opening. His full name was Prince Eugen Napoleon Nicolaus of Sweden and Norway, Duke of Närke.  The Exhibiton was called “The Four Seasons”.  Vivaldi was not played.  Anders and I were in no doubt that our uncle Gösta would have loved this exhibition.  He would have been our guide and fellow wanderer.  We buried him yesterday.

Prins Eugen (1865 - 1947), Lövsprickning, Balingsta, 1891
Exhibition details in Swedish and English