Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Luddites wanted - act against technology 'hurtful to commonality'

Luddites smashing machinery

King Ludd was a fictitious character invented by the Luddites to prevent any of their actual leaders being executed or deported.  Artisan cloth workers in the Midlands and North of England calling themselves Luddites claimed to be led by "King Ludd" (also known "Ned Ludd") and in 1811-12 rose up against factory owners who were imposing new machines and putting them out of work.

Since the 1950's (it says here – but only since the 1950’s??) the Luddites have been painted as fools opposed to all technology and progress, but in fact the Luddites were very selective in their attacks, breaking only machines they thought were 'hurtful to Commonality'.

Luddites 200 Organising Forum thinks the Luddites can teach us about the ongoing use of technology to replace workers’ jobs, as well as issues like GM food and nuclear power.  They denounce the myth that technology always brings progress.

Tomorrow night Wednesday June 8th, in London, on the anniversary of the first action against a GM crop site in Britain, they are organising a discussion of these issues.

I've left it a bit late to advertise this meeting but it’s an organisation I like the sound of.  Their questions are worth asking.

Wikipedia on Luddites.

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