Friday, August 20, 2010

Coalition will end war on the motorist

Just seen these two stories.  Lord, give me strength


  1. Not sure which bit you're objecting too Pete - private clampers losing their income stream, speed cameras going or there not being tolls on the roads over here? Can't believe it's the first one, agree with you if it's the second one but don't understand your objection if it's the third one. Surely you're not advocating an elitist road system where your right to use your car is decided by how wealthy you are (we're already on the way to that with petrol prices). Anyway, console yourself with the thought that one of these stories was in the Daily M*il, so it's almost certainly not true.....

  2. It’s this “the motorist” things that gets me. Why not “Coalition declares war on the pedestrian”, which is what no speed cameras means. Ok you’ve got me about the clampers. But as for advocating an elitist road system, we have it already. That’s what a market economy means. If I was king road use would be severely rationed - but the rationing mechanism would be by need, not by price.