Friday, July 2, 2010

Unfair to Huygens

I’ve read the Huygens book again and in fact he does recognise that it’s most unlikely there are inhabitants on the Moon, due its dryness and no atmosphere.  When he talks of the sights the inhabitants can see, he says the view both from our Moon and from other solar system moons, “must occasion great many very pretty, wonderful sights to their Inhabitants, if they have any: which is very doubtful, but may for the present be suppos’d …” and then goes on to describe what they would see were they to exist.
So I apologies to Huygens and will rewrite the post of a few days ago.  I'm still disappointed by the way and shall explain why.

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  1. you haven't yet revised your original post, have you? It doesn't say it's been updated.