Friday, December 16, 2011

Household tax campaign. Guess I'm sort of obliged to join this one

Thursday's launch of the campaign against the new Household Charge.
Clare Daly TD, Cllr Cieran Perry and activist Eoin Ryan
in Buswells Hotel, Dublin.  Photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times
So. The lines are being drawn.  A campaign against the new Household Charge has been launched in Ireland.  Takes me back to my Poll Tax protest days.  In 1991 Eileen and I with millions more refused to pay the Poll Tax, and here's my attachment of earnings order when I was taken before York Magistrates Court, to pay my arrears of £188.45. 

Margaret Thatcher: my part in her downfall
The Household Charge is both like and unlike the Poll Tax. Environment Minister Phil Hogan is quoted in today’s Irish Examiner as admitting it is "not an ideal or a fair system". That's because like Thatcher’s Poll Tax, it’s a flat tax, the super rich pay the same as the almost poor. But the coalition government intends it to be replaced by a graduated tax in future years. And for now it's only €2 a week. So that blunts the flat tax argument.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny is defending the household tax by saying it’s expected to raise €160 million, which will fund local authorities, including fire services, library services and water. But he lies. This is what really makes it objectionable. Because it’s actually to plug the hole left by forking out to the bankers and bondholders.

Is this the campaign we have been waiting for that will focus opposition to the bankers bailout? 

Link to Irish Times article.