Friday, July 2, 2010

Telling the story of Adam and Eve

This is one of the stories I tell Martha.  I've decided to write these stories down, sell them, and get rich. Feel free to tell me if you think this is (a) a likely or (b) an unlikely outcome.  This particular story starts with …
When God had finished making the world and had rested – which by the way he did on Saturday – he brought all the animals to Adam to name. Whatsoever name Adam called a particular animal, that would be its name always.
At this juncture, there's an opportunity for endless diversion where I describe an animal and Martha says what Adam called it – big yellow cat with a mane – Lion! Huge grey animal with legs like tree trunks and the biggest nose Adam had ever seen - Elephant!  In fact we normally don’t get past this point in the story.  I've written an unfinished draft see it here.

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