Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh joy! This week's New Scientist all about God

This is the 17th March edition. My copy hasn’t arrived yet, due to today being a public holiday in Ireland.  But the blurb on the New Scientist website says “New science of religion - Can't live with him, can't live without him. In a special series of articles we lay out a new vision that resets the terms of the debate”. The article titles are:-

We are all born believers (Our minds solve fundamental problems in a way that leaves a god-shaped space just waiting to be filled by religion.)

Religion is the key to civilisation (As early humans expanded beyond hunter-gatherer groups, religion was the glue that held societies full of strangers together.)

Science won't loosen religion's grip  (Those who would dance on religion's grave are underestimating its staying power.)

God is a testable hypothesis (Whether an ultimate creator as envisaged by religion exists or not is a question that science can address.)

Alain de Botton's religion for atheists (Alain de Botton explains why atheists need to reclaim the useful bits of religion, which is not literally true but neither is it total nonsense.)

In the shops till Friday 23rd, I think.


  1. £3.50???? It's little more than a pamphlet! Couldn't justify spending that amount on a whim so I stood in Morrisons and read most of it! Very interesting stuff, and more positive about various aspects of religion than I expected.

    1. New Scientist is where it's at, sinner!