Monday, August 9, 2010

The colour of capitalism? Green!

I should be interested to know what colour the handles of garden shears, secateurs etc used to be in the USSR, East Germany etc and maybe still are in those countries, and in Cuba (if they manufacture them there).  All my garden tools have green handles and it’s rare to find them in any other colour.  What's the worst possible colour for garden tools? Green! You can't find them when you drop them in the long grass. Of course in a capitalist economy, they’re not designed to be found in the long grass, or even used, they’re just designed to be sold.  Green handles have doubtless been discovered to give consumers a cosy, close to the soil, ecological sort of feeling, and put them in a parting with their money frame of mind.   
If I was king, oops commissar for garden tools, my edict would be that the handles should all be dayglow yellow.

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  1. Pete, that is SOOOO cynical, even for you!!