Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let's all step down one rung

In this Labour Party poster from late 1931, the class stereotypes on the ladder are the £10,000-a-year man, the £1,000-a-year man, the £250-a-year man and The Unemployed Man.  The caption reads: THE MAN AT THE TOP:- “Equality of sacrifice, that’s the big idea friends – let's all step down one rung”


  1. I asked the People's History Museum in Manchester if they could date the poster. They have it there and they have confirmed that it dates from late 1931.

    1. it is from 'Plebs magazine' 1927 according to marting jenkins' foreword in the society of the spectacle Translated by Ken Knabb. Sussex. Soul Bay Press Ltd.

  2. Could have been 2010 - Cameron's "We're all in it together" would ring a lot truer if his personal fortune wasn't £30m+!!! Some things never change.....

  3. David Miliband thinks it is from the 1929 General Election

  4. I've also seen 1911 suggested. My bones tell me it's 1929 or 1931.